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Dr. Tefera Gezmu

Founding Partner and General Manager


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Dr. Tefera has extensive experience working with an array of public and private institutions in the US and Ethiopia. A medical epidemiologist and public health professional by training.

He has advised, consulted, and engaged with leaders on projects in various fortune 500 companies in the US. He has consulted several academic institutions in many countries, state governments, and pharmaceutical companies. 

Dr. Tefera comes with over a decade of experience in global public health, pharmaceuticals, health program management, academic research & teaching, including work on public/global health consulting focusing on strategy development, research, risk mitigation and organizational transformation.

Most recently, he worked as a Senior Advisor at McKinsey and Company involved in advisory and consultation projects with several Ethiopian public sector entities including ministries, agencies and state-owned enterprises. His work has focused in the Health sector on program delivery & management, COVID19 pandemic management strategy, & vaccine distribution strategy. Also worked on State Owned Enterprises Transformation, Organizational Redesign, Capacity Building, Leadership Development, Team Building and Management training/coaching.

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