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TNN(The Nudge Nest)

What We Do

For International Medical Graduates (IMG) or postgraduate candidates, the process of finding a residency program has become ever competitive, therefore IMG applicants MUST be increasingly well rounded and always ready.

We work with each and every residency and postgraduate school prospect comprehensively through their application from the start to end. Our goal is to help you get a great application together to increase your chances of acceptance in the program of your choice. If you are contemplating this journey, make us your partners. Our experts will help you to stand out head and shoulder above the competition. We offer experience in research and put a publication or two under your belt. Here at Adwa Partners, PLC - the TNN team, is ready to be of service to you!


Our mission is to empower physicians and postgraduate prospects increase their potential of being accepted in residency or postgraduate programs overseas.


To designs, implement, and evaluate research and personal development programs to improve education, health, and economic opportunity to most qualified prospect from Ethiopia.


We are committed to have you participate in a research project for a publication, Our coaches are US educated with first-hand knowledge of what is needed to succeed. Let us be your partner on this journey. Set an appointment with us at subject “TNN” anytime, and come speak with us today!

Here at TNN we are committed to assist all applicants by developing a personalized plan to help them match with the program of their choice. We will discuss a time line for completion of tasks, starting with getting involved in research for publication, help you with specialty choice, the number of programs to which applicants should apply, selection of faculty recommendation writers, personal statement topics, and work on how to present any candidacy shortcomings and highlight strengths.

Our Approach 

Strategy Sessions

We start working with you by conducting a first session either through online, or in-person to better understand your true intent and objectives. We will outline and develop a strategy for acceptance to the programs of your choice.

Personal Statement

Our physician and expert advisors will help you brainstorm the best content for your personal statement and then provide repeated, comprehensive feedback on how to improve it until we have a great final product.


Interview Preparation

Our physician and expert advisors will help you brainstorm the best content for your personal statement and help guide you with the most effective communication methods to enable you tell your story best.

Research for Publication

See details here…

Call/E-Mail Today

We can set a time to learn about you extensively through our comprehensive intake. This helps us identify your background, academic accomplishments, goals and objectives so that we can pair you with the best advisor for your situation, and accompany you on your journey. 

 We Also Offer 


Leadership Development

Time Management  and Design making 

Statement of Purpose/Personal Statement Writing

Letter of Reference

Interview Skills for US IMG Residency Programs

Communication and Negotiation

Presentation Skills

Story Telling

National Program for Compassionate, Respectful, and Caring Practices Training

Facilitation Techniques Workshop

Grant Development and Management

Instructional Design Techniques

Leadership Management & Governance (LMG)

Workplace Harassment Prevention Training Program

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