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Meet The CPD & Trainings Team

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Dr. Tefera Gezmu

Dr. Tefera has extensive experience working with an array of public and private institutions in the US and Ethiopia. A medical epidemiologist and public health professional by training, Dr. Tefera comes with an over a decade of experience in global public health, pharmaceuticals, health program management, academic research & teaching, including work on public/global health consulting focusing on strategy development, research, risk mitigation and organizational transformation.


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Dr. Selam Bisrat


Dr. Selam Bisrat is a specialist in pediatrics and child health with many years of experience in the Ethiopian health sector. She has worked in many of the government-owned hospitals in Addis Ababa and has an interest in community health, and prevention education for the public. She has been involved in developing training programs for all the hospitals she has worked at focusing on the professional development of healthcare workers and hospital staff. Dr. Selam has extensive experience in training medical students during her stay in Tikur Anbessa specialized hospital. Dr. Selam is a passionate clinician and dedicated public health expert-driven to improve and transform the healthcare sector in Ethiopian and make a measurable impact on the lives of all Ethiopians

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Dr. Delina Amare

CPD Courses & Program Lead

Drawing from over three years of experience in higher education, Dr. Delina Amare is a committed medical professional who has served as both an academic lecturer and clinician. Her extensive background informs her development of courses tailored to enhance the capabilities of healthcare workers, thereby elevating the standard of healthcare delivery. Furthermore her affiliation with the Healthcare Leadership Academy empowers her to contribute to the professional development of healthcare providers'. 

The reason for her keen interest in medical research,mental health and public health initiatives is her belief in health fairness and importance of promoting physical and mental well-being in the society.


Dr. Delina obtained her medical degree from Arba Minch University and is currently pursuing a Master of Public Health (MPH) program, furthering her commitment to advancing healthcare excellence.


Dr. Nanati Jemal

Analyst & Practice Lead

Dr. Nanati is an accomplished physician with extensive expertise across clinical medicine, global health, project management, organizational leadership, and training. Holding certifications as a professional and research exchange trainer, she is also recognized as a distinguished alumna of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). Driven by a passion for community health advancement, Dr. Nanati co-founded a Rotaract club dedicated to healthcare and community development, achieving notable success in health promotion, particularly within maternal and child health initiatives.


As an advocate for global health, Dr. Nanati's commitment extends to her role at Adwa Partners, where she diligently delivers high-quality training in clinical practice and leadership. Her efforts aim to empower healthcare professionals nationwide, fostering excellence in patient care and cultivating impactful leadership within the healthcare system.


Dr. Nanati earned her Doctor of Medicine degree from the esteemed Addis Ababa University's College of Health Sciences.


Dr Hermon Amare


Dr. Hermon is a Psychiatrist with both clinical and public health experience. She has worked on health programs in both governmental and nongovernmental organizations. She also has experience with teaching medical and postgraduate students. She is passionate about advocating for improved mental health and the prevention of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs).

Bembet Andeargachew

Professional Development Training & Program Manager

An economist by training with expertise in data and projects management and capacity building. Adept in working on planning, coordinating, executing projects, leading quantitative and qualitative research, event organization, team leadership, digital marketing. A seasoned trainer and professional development professional who strives in strengthening capacity and management acumen of both individuals and teams across sectors. Bemnet holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship for Impact, and MA in Counseling Psychology.

Kalkidan Teshome

Analyst & Trainer

Kalkidan Teshome is an analyst and a trainer at Adwa Partners Consultancy, PLC. She works both as analyst in organizational transformation, management consulting and professional development training. Kalkidan is well experienced in organizing and running small business printing, and working in the pharmaceutical sector. She enhances proficiency in navigating intricate business frameworks and driving impactful results. Throughout her career, she has shown her analytical prowess, helping small to larger businesses identify and resolve challenges with efficiency. Her innate curiosity drives her to delve deep into data, uncovering not just surface-level insights but also the underlying factors contributing to complex problems. This analytical approach has empowered her to help her clients make informed decisions and implement effective strategies helping businesses sprint forward. Kalkidan holds a BSc. in Pharmacy and Marketing Management from Addis Ababa University College of Health Sciences, and Saint Mary Uni. College, respectively.

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Research & Project Associate


Dr. Reem is a medical doctor and business manager, professional by training. She has experience working as a medical doctor in both governmental and non governmental hospitals. In addition to her clinical work, she has been actively participating in different health related researches and projects.


Dr. Reem is a lead research associate and project manager at Adwa Partners where she serves as an integral member of our team.  A highly compassionate, competent and dedicated physician with an exceeding communicative skills, dedicated in helping on our CPD and TNN teams.

Dr. Reem earned her Medical Doctoral degree from the Addis Ababa University of College of Health Sciences.



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