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Revolutionizing online job search and recruitment 

Rethink the way you hire is the all-in-one hiring solution that supports every step of your sourcing, pre-screening and selection process easier and lets you focus on what matters the most – your candidates.


Simplest recruitment & hiring process coupled with exceptional service by…all in one place. Saves you time with its sophisticated functions.


Maximize your sourcing strategy

Build a strong talent pool and find your next hire easily and fast with the help of HR professional at

Our purpose & values

We are your transformation partners fueled by our purpose—creating a new world of opportunity for job-seekers, matching the right talent with employers, and each other.

Our deeply rooted values shape our culture, our character and our commitments. We live them in every interaction with each other and those we serve.

Top employers trust

We help agencies and companies across sectors make their hiring process more efficient and present them with the right talent. As you well know, the war-for-talent in a talent scarce market is fierce. Come partner with us, and let our expert recruiters do what they do best. Let’s do the sourcing, and sifting through myriad of resume’s so that we present to you the most qualified candidates helping you to choose the best among the top talent available in the market. Whether you are an employer or a talent seeking an opportunity, please visit our website and sign-up today.

With our expertise coupled with both local & international experience, we provide services such as Employer of Record (EoR), labor linkage, outsourcing, payroll management, and benefits administration. We understand the administrative burden that comes with managing HR processes, including hiring, payroll, employee benefits, and compliance with labor laws and regulations. Worry not, we are here to take care of these tasks for you.


Our team is well-versed in the intricacies of employment laws and regulations in Ethiopia. By partnering with us, you can rest assured that your company will always operate within the boundaries of the law. Compliance is our priority, and we will work diligently to ensure that your HR practices align with legal requirements of Ethiopia.


Whether you're a startup in the early stages of development or an established business seeking to optimize your HR operations, we are here to be your trusted partner. Let us handle the complexities of managing your workforce while you focus on growing your business.

Some of the services we offer...

Interview Skills 

Leadership Development

Human Resources Services

Resume/CV Preparation

Career Development

Career Coaching

Labour Linkage

Payroll Services & EoR

Employment Services

Instructional Design Techniques

Leadership Management & Governance (LMG)

Workplace Harassment Prevention Training Program

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