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We Are Adwa Partners Consultancy, PLC

Pioneering Consulting & Implementation Services in Ethiopia


What We Are About 

We firmly embrace the belief that our achievements and lasting sustainability are built upon the foundation of our exceptional team. Our operations are deeply rooted in unwavering dignity, trust, and respect for all. Guided by our culturally rooted core values, we approach every endeavor with a purpose.


We are committed to upholding our role as a trusted and indispensable partner for our clients and innovators worldwide. We provide essential insights, effective workflow solutions, and profound sectoral expertise that foster operational excellence and contribute to the transformative growth of Ethiopia.


To pioneer a transformative path, reshaping how Ethiopia embraces, and fully integrates innovative concepts, thereby fostering a culture of innovation. From strategy to execution – our vision guides Ethiopia towards a future defined by innovation's unwavering impact.


At our core, we believe in the dynamic fusion of human ingenuity and collaborative spirit. This drives our purpose, empowering us to chart a course of transformative impact and purposeful progress.

Our Values

We nurture creativity and fearlessly explore uncharted avenues of innovation. By pushing boundaries, we forge paths to excellence, enabled by our comprehensive coaching and training services. Our approach inspires change, reshapes industries, and inspires growth.


Ways we encourage innovation:

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Invest in continuous growth

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