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At Adwa Partners Consultancy, PLC, we specialize in innovative consulting, collaborating closely with clients to co-create tailored solutions. Our unique approach blends unconventional thinking and out-of-the-box strategies, fostering an environment that promotes boldness and exploration. We prioritize testing innovative ideas within our firm before scaling, ensuring real impact and meaningful strategies for our clients.

We are here to help you reach your goals. Whether you're a development partner, nonprofit, investor, or private entity aligning with the SDGs, our expertise supports your objectives. We are poised to serve as a partner to help train your team, implement programs, or help you achieve your professional development goals. Just reach out to us at 



Strategic Planning, Feasibility Analysis, Market Entry Strategies, and Data Analytics.


Workforce Recruitment, Linkage Solutions, Human Resource Development, EoR, Payroll Services, and leadership workshops.

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Public Health Initiatives, Project Execution, Monitoring & Evaluation Programs, Research Endeavors, Education & Skill Enhancement.



Senior Executive Development, Strategic Capacity Building, Professional Development, Succession Planning, and Leadership Training.


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Global Public Health

We assist private, public, foundations, or government bodies, along with healthcare agencies, in tackling urgent healthcare challenges in Ethiopia. Our services encompass emergency preparedness (local outbreaks to global pandemics), system strengthening, capacity building, training, program design and implementation, research, survey design, data analytics, R&D, and organizational transformation.


Healthcare Research

Recognizing the vital role of healthcare research in society, we support clients—foundations, pharma firms, government agencies, academic institutions, and others—in designing and executing medical, healthcare utilization, and health policy research. Our commitment stems from the fact that such research yields essential insights into disease trends, treatment outcomes, public health interventions, functional abilities, care patterns, and healthcare costs.


Measurement & Evaluation

Guided by the maxim 'What gets measured, gets done,' we provide program evaluation and statistical analysis services for clients supporting balanced scorecards, ROI, and IOB efforts. Understanding that data often resides within organizations, we collaborate to pinpoint and measure KPIs at individual, team, and organizational levels. Utilizing comprehensive data, including formative and summative indicators, reveals connections between critical organizational variables, enhancing problem-solving, decision-making, and resource allocation.


Maternal & Child Health

Drawing on decades of Maternal & Child Health research experience, we emphasize the need to bridge the gap between research and implementation. With an unwavering commitment to advancing global public health through research, implementation, and ME&L, we are poised to serve our clients comprehensively in this field.


Agriculture, Environment & Climate Change

Climate change's impact on food security is evident, raising prices and reducing production. Mitigation efforts may spike energy costs, while water scarcity due to crop use and drought could ensue. Unsuitability of certain areas for production could heighten land competition. Extreme weather events might abruptly cut agricultural output, causing price surges. Let's discuss navigating this crucial topic.

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Innovation & Collaborative Process

Collaborative innovation is gaining ground in the public sector as a means to address complexity and boost efficiency. Yet, recent studies emphasize the importance of delving into how governance underpins collaborative innovation. Our aim is to bridge this gap by pinpointing approaches that nurture collaborative innovation within the public sector. Our experience underscores the significance of trust-based relationships facilitated by technology and driven by goal-oriented leaders, yielding positive outcomes for collaborative innovation. Further research is imperative to understand governance qualities that not only foster innovation but also drive successful implementation, aligning with our mission for transformation in Ethiopia.

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Human Resources & Employment Services

Our expertise coupled with both local & international experience, we provide services such as Employer of Record (EoR), labor linkage, outsourcing, payroll management, and benefits administration. We understand the administrative burden that comes with managing HR processes, including hiring, Payroll, employee benefits, and compliance with labor laws and regulations. Worry not, we are here to take care of these tasks for you.



Leadership Coaching & Team Building

Elevate your team's performance even in challenging and uncertain circumstances through our expert team coaching. Leadership is a nurtured skill, not an innate one – let us assist you in cultivating the next generation of leaders within your organization. Our services encompass individual and executive team coaching, along with comprehensive training and development for teams throughout your organization.


Operating Models & Organizational Redesign

Our expertise lies in crafting comprehensive representations of an organization's strategic vision, including the dynamic interaction of people, processes, and technology to increase customer and colleague experiences. Our holistic approach to organizational transformation provides multifaceted insights across the entire value chain. What sets us apart is our collaborative methodology. We immerse ourselves in understanding your business challenges, utilizing design thinking sessions to define desired value propositions. Through a 'test and iterate' approach, we shape a tailored solution that perfectly aligns with your organization. The outcome is a meticulously designed roadmap, guiding the seamless implementation of transformative change.


Education Consulting

Our mission is rooted in ensuring that every child, especially girls in remote regions, regain their inherent human right to education. In unison with educators worldwide, we steadfastly combat the repercussions of gender, income, or birthplace-based biases and disparities. Collaborating with philanthropists, nonprofits, and NGOs, we confront structural and systemic inequities using innovative methodologies aimed at forging improved life trajectories for all Ethiopians across the entirety of our nation.


Healthcare Financing

Health financing encompasses both the acquisition of funds for healthcare and their strategic allocation. In Ethiopia, health expenditures are sourced from governmental and non-governmental channels, including donor nations and philanthropic foundations. These funds support a diverse range of programs and services. In any system, financial competition is inevitable, and the allocation of resources profoundly shapes service delivery and priority setting. If you're considering this avenue, let's engage in a conversation to explore how we can leverage our accomplished healthcare finance experts to address your inquiries effectively


Executive Team Development

Elevating your executive leadership through focused training and development yields substantial impact. Tailored for senior leaders, our leadership training offers a crucial pause for reflection. It facilitates perspective shifts by cultivating robust networks of relationships and provides personalized feedback that fosters self-awareness and charisma—resulting in leaders primed for succession and equipped to navigate your organization's path into the future.


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Comprehensive Due Diligence & Pre-feasibility Studies

Growth and Scaling


Organizational Efficiency

Leadership Acceleration

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Empowering Foundations

Funding Strategy

Leading for Impact: City and Rural-Based Programs

         Services Portfolio         Assessment

Working with Impact Investors, and more

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