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Mr. Yelak Abebe

Expert Partner, Renewable Energy and Power


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Mr.​ Yelak has ten years of work experience in Process Engineering, including design, operation and project management.​ Currently, Yelak works as a lecturer at the Chemical Engineering department at the Adama Science and Technology University. He is an expert in the fields of Renewable Energy Technology, Process integration and Optimization, Thermodynamics and Process dynamics and Control.

As a researcher, Yelak’s Lab. focuses on alternative, green and sustainable energy production processes aimed at substituting conventional energy utilization practices of the industry sector. Few of his research projects include but are not limited to: Optimization of bagasse fired steam boiler at the wonji sugar factory for enhanced energy​ efficiency, simulation of building integrated photovoltaic/ thermal (BIPVT) solar collector, replacement of diesel fuel with biodiesel for a dryer unit operation: a case study at Addis Ababa Bottle and Glass Share Company, enzyme research and applications in a biotechnological intensification of biogas production, and modeling and simulation of a continuous stirred tank reactor temperature control using ​model predictive control algorithm.

​Yelak has consulted several processing industries in Ethiopia to meet the international organization for standardization (ISO) requirements of environmental, quality and energy management systems. He has conducted case studies on process optimization and efficiency enhancement of highly energy intensive industries such as tire and cement industries. Yelak specializes in Aspen Plus process modeling and simulation software for conceptual design, process monitoring and optimization.

Mr. Yelak earned his M.Sc. and B. SC. Degrees in Chemical Engineering from Addis Ababa University. He received his postgraduate certificate in Materials and Processing from The University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand. 

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