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Dr. Selam Bisrat

Health Expert Partner and CPD Lead


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Dr. Selam Bisrat is a specialist in pediatrics and child health with many years of experience in the Ethiopian health sector. She has worked in many of the government-owned hospitals in Addis Ababa and has an interest in community health, and prevention education for the public. She has been involved in developing training programs for all the hospitals she has worked at focusing on the professional development of healthcare workers and hospital staff. Dr. Selam has extensive experience in training medical students during her stay in Tikur Anbessa specialized hospital. Dr. Selam is a passionate clinician and dedicated public health expert driven to improve and transform the healthcare sector in Ethiopia and make a measurable impact on the lives of all Ethiopians.

​As part of her Master's of Public Health program, Dr. Selam is focused on examining the broad and complex impact of nutrition on health. She is currently examining the attributable risk due to malnutrition on the general health of children in her practice.

Dr. Selam completed her Pediatrics and Child Health Speciality and residency at the Tikur Anbesa specialized hospital at the Addis Ababa University College of Health Sciences. She is currently completing her MPH in Nutrition.

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