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Haney  Shamil

Haney is a senior public health specialist with close to a decade of experience in policy development, implementation and program management, with a focus on maternal and child and adolescent health. Four years of experience working at the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health, leading innovative initiatives to strengthen health systems across the country. Two years’ of experience with an international NGO as a project director leading the implementation of a girls’ education project. Over a decade of experience working in the U.S. in a number of settings, and strong clinical experience in maternal and newborn care and primary care in diverse settings.

Haney holds a dual master’s degrees in public health and nursing from Johns Hopkins University and Emory University, respectively.

Experience Summary


McKinsey & Company;

Federal Ministry of Health


Population Council


Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health


Reviewed and synthesized sector-wide due diligence for the urban development sector and the organizational capabilities of the Ethiopian Ministry of Construction and Urban Development.


Ethiopia, Federal Ministry of Health Reviewed (Freelance consultant (Concurrent): Reviewed and supported the development of Adolescent and Youth Health strategy. Provided strategic guidance for the development of COVID19 training material for health care providers with a focus on health extension workers, nurses and midwives working at the community level.


Ethiopia Project Director and led the implementation of a multimillion-dollar girls’ education project in three cities and multiple districts in Ethiopia, working to improve the lives of highly marginalized girls in highly disadvantaged neighborhoods.


Maternal, Newborn and Child Health and Nutrition Directorate Technical Advisor (seconded by JSI L10K on BMGF grant and by American International Health Alliance). Provided technical assistance to the Director in devising new initiatives: Co-led the development of the 2016-2020 Adolescent and Youth Health Strategy. Compiled a 10-year performance overview of the Maternal and Child Health Directorate.

Led the development of Safe Spaces program for adolescent girls in collaboration with GirlEffect, UK. Coordinated the establishment of a Research Advisory Council with a focus on reproductive health/maternal-child health. Developed concept notes and guidelines for scaling up and standardization of programs such as maternity waiting homes and midwife mentoring programs in Ethiopia. Developed an up-to date web content for the Directorate’s new website summarizing the Directorate’s initiatives and achievements and an overview of the country’s Maternal, Child Health and Nutrition status.

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